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Corporate Members

Senior Members

The RCCIC accepts donations and subsidies for specific items, which will be specially used for corresponding researches. Sponsored Members will become RCCIC’s Senior Members, and enjoy the main rights and interests as follows:

  • Have priority to all achievements of subsidized projects for free;
  • Obtain Research Reports, Survey Reports and Document Literature rel eased by RCCIC annually for free;
  • Enjoy RCCIC’s preferential consultation and research services under the same circumstances;
  • Participate in meetings and activities organized by RCCIC for free;
  • Use written characters of "Senior Member of RCCIC, RUC" in their external publicities under the premise of RCCIC’s written authorization.

Honorary Cooperation Member

Enterprises participating in "Chinese Corporate Follow-up Survey Project"will become RCCIC’s Honorary Cooperation Members, and will enjoy the following main rights and interests:

  • Obtain an individualized diagnosing feedback report based on own enterprise’s survey data;
  • Obtain an aggregate analysis report based on feedback information from all enterprises (one volume each year);
  • Obtain an account number of RCCIC’s website to read the latest research work and research reports released by RCCIC;
  • Be granted with the Certificate of “Honorary Cooperative Enterprise of Corporate Innovation and Competitiveness Research, RUC” issued by Renmin University of China;
  • To enterprises'staff who support the survey, RCCIC will issue the Certificate with the title of "Honorary Contributing Figure of Corporate Innovation and Competitiveness Research,RUC".

Corporate Members